About us

What We Are All About

The actual competitive environment pushed loyalty strategy to the top priority. We help to get value from the company´s most relevant asset and that is a customer. We go beyond all traditional reward programs ever offered. We provide new innovative view of connecting our partners with their customers.

How We Do It

In order to build a deeper connection with the customers we deliver to our customer loyalty platform and best marketing practices. With gained experience we have created innovative loyalty program that helps our partners build ultimate customer relationship that is so crucial in every market segment. Our loyalty program experts are ready to implement this exceptional loyalty program by regarding needs and specifications of every single partner and so we create and provide optimized loyalty program that meets one´s business objectives.

Who We Are

QUBE Group is a provider of loyalty services with focus on the car market in Central and Eastern Europe. We endeavour to deliver tools and resources to our partners they need in order to create, improve and nurture positive relationship with their customers.


Our mission is to deliver unique solutions to our business partners which help them to build long term and sustainable relationship with their customers in a profitable way.


Quality – we are obsessed by delivering perfection Unique – we never give up finding the best way Business – we will keep our focus until it matters Experience – we do know why the effort is worth


Our clients are our partners. We cooperate only on long term basis. We believe that delivering results in area of customer loyalty could only be done by consistent and focused long term strategy.


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at world@qubegroup.eu

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